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Vacuum Cleaner- Portable Air Duster Wireless

Vacuum Cleaner- Portable Air Duster Wireless

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As a gift for your loved ones, this limited stock Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner will be perfect!😍

1050+  Car Owners Using this cleaner to keep their car clean from daily dust & dirt without getting their hands dirty 

TIPS: All goods are authentic, with genuine patents, counterfeit must be investigated! Customers, please identify our products!

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As a gift for your loved ones, this limited stock Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner will be perfect!😍

Super suction get rid of all the dust you couldn't reach before! 

Super strong fan, blow away dust without residue!

Super strong fan, blow away dust without residue!only for Enhanced Edition!


It can also be used as a vacuum compressor, sucking air, keeping fresh, preventing moisture, preventing spoilage, and isolating bacteria!
only for Enhanced Edition!


  • 【Lightweight & Powerful Operation】Compact design,lightweight and hand-held,but strong suction and blowing dust buster.Output power 120W super power motor provides strong suction up to 6000pa,Wet/Dry vacuum,lightweight-only 400g/510g .

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - Inspire Uplift

  • 【Wide Use】Car Vacuum Cleaner can be used as a computer cleaner blower,laptop cleaner, desk vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum for car, piano , pet house,office desk cleaning,etc.Two styles of head for all kinds of garbage and deep cleaning.

  • 【Cordless rechargeable】USB Rechargeable, Built-in 1200/4000 Amh batteries, Motor speed up to 31000RPM/35500RPM, fast charging technology, Enhanced Edition:4h Quick fully Charge(Only Enhanced Edition products have overcharge protection function),it can give you about 15-20minutes(WHITE/BLACK) /31 minutes ( GREY/GREEN ) of continuous working time, which is enough to cope with most areas of your house/office/car.

  • [Upgrade and thick washable filter] Take the filter out of the dust cup of the Cordless handheld vacuum, wash it with water and dry it for the second time.The filter is safe to be soaked and washed.


  • 【For cleaning lights】Black and white vacuum cleaners are equipped with cleaning lights.



  • Size: WHITE/BLACK 165*147*55mm
            GREEN :200*140*40mm
  • Weight:WHITE/BLACK  400g
                    GREY/GREEN    510g
  • Power:120W
  • Vacuum suction: Ordinary fund: 6000Pa
                                    Enhanced fund: 6000Pa

Product Accessories:

BLACK:Host + charging cable + filter + short brush + long nozzle + manual + certificate 

Introducing the LightCare™ Portable Vacuum Cleaner - the game-changer in cleaning. Say goodbye to cumbersome vacuums and tangled cords. Our cutting-edge TurboClean technology effortlessly eliminates dirt, crumbs, and pet hair from every corner of your car, delivering a spotless interior with the ease of a pro detailer.

Powerful, Portable, and Convenient

Experience unmatched power and versatility with the LightCare™ Portable Vacuum Cleaner. Its robust motor leaves no particle unnoticed, from carpets to upholstery and tight spaces. Plus, its compact build ensures that it effortlessly fits into your car's storage compartments, leaving you with ample room for other essentials.

Elevate Your Driving Experience

A clean car isn't just about looks; it enhances your driving experience. LightCare™ Portable Vacuum Cleaner eliminates dust, crumble, and whatnot, leaving your car fresh and inviting. Breathe easy and enjoy the comfort of a pristine interior.

Transform your car cleaning game—click Add to Cart now and experience professional-grade cleaning at your fingertips.

Elevate Your Cleaning Game With Our Innovative Portable Vacuum Cleaner!

Seeking the perfect gift for your loved ones? Look no further! Our exclusive Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner is your ultimate solution. 😍

Join Over 1050 Car Owners who have already embraced the future of cleaning. Our advanced Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner lets you maintain a pristine vehicle without the hassle of dirty hands.

❤️ PRO TIP: We take pride in delivering only authentic, patented products. Rest assured, counterfeits don't stand a chance – we diligently investigate them! Dear customers, ensure you're choosing our trusted products.

🔥 Recommended by 99.3% of Reviewers. 🔥


Why It's a Must-Have:

 Unmatched Suction Power: Say farewell to those unreachable dust spots! This handheld cleaner offers unparalleled suction to conquer every nook and cranny.

💨 Supercharged Airflow: It doesn't just suck; it blows dust away without a trace. An ideal feature for the Enhanced Edition!

🌬️ Versatile Multi-Tasker: It's not just a vacuum; it can also compress air, keeping things fresh, preventing moisture, spoilage, and bacterial growth. Truly a marvel for the Enhanced Edition!

Features to Adore:

  • 💡 Lightweight and Mighty: Compact, lightweight, and hand-held, it packs a punch with strong suction of up to 6000Pa. At just 400g/510g, it's a breeze to handle.
  • 🧹 Universal Cleaning Buddy: This Car Vacuum Cleaner is your all-in-one cleaning companion, suitable for cars, computers, laptops, pet areas, office desks, and more. It comes with two distinct heads for diverse cleaning needs.
  • 🔋 Cordless Wonder: Enjoy the freedom of cordless convenience with USB rechargeability and fast-charging technology. The Enhanced Edition offers overcharge protection and a rapid 4-hour full charge. That means 15-20 minutes (WHITE/BLACK) or 31 minutes (GREY/GREEN) of continuous cleaning power, covering most tasks
  • 🌪️ Upgradable & Washable Filter: Effortlessly clean the filter by rinsing it with water and ensuring it's completely dry for its next use. It's designed for longevity and easy maintenance.
  • 💡 Enhanced Illumination: opt for black or white vacuum cleaners and benefit from built-in cleaning lights for enhanced visibility.


  • 📏 Compact Size: 16514755mm
  • ⚖️ Lightweight: Just 400g
  • 🛠️ Robust Power: 120W
  • 💨 Powerful Suction: 6000Pa
Elevate your cleaning standards with our cutting-edge Portable Cleaner. Order yours today and experience effortless, spotless spaces! 🧹🏡🚗
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